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HR analytics: What is it?

Updated: Feb 9

A century ago, Human Resource Management was very different.

Increasingly, it's become a strategic discipline instead of an operational discipline.

A good example of this is the popularity of the acronym SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management).

HR analytics suit this development because they are based on data and helps them make data-driven decisions. Analysis can help determine how effective an HR policy is and different intervention are.

Throughout a post-pandemic world, there are many changes happening. Whether it is hybrid work in its growing popularity or the increased use of automation, there are many changes happening in the workplace. Our new realities require us to make correct decisions during this age of disruption and uncertainty.

In addition, many people view human resources as soft. Most HR work depends on intuition. There's always been a particular way of doing things here. HR doesn't have a reputation for being a money maker nor is it famous for playing numbers games like sales. Measuring and quantifying success in human resources is difficult.

HR Analytics : what is it?

Changing all of this is HR data analytics. We just discussed a number of challenges we can resolve by being better at HR and analytics.

You collect a great deal of data as an HR professional. Unfortunately, much of this data remains unused. As soon as HR data analytics is applied to human resource challenges, it becomes HR data analytics.

Keeping records is not enough to add value. Information must be turned into insight, and insight into data. This also applies to HR.

Having HR participate in strategic decision-making allows it to be more involved in the company's strategy.

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