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Man, Machine and Data Analytics

Updated: Feb 9

Man Machine and Data Analytics

Four-month-old Tanu is playing with her toys, with her mother watching over her. There is a knock at the door and Tanu sees a newcomer come in through the front door. She quickly shifts her gaze to her mother and looks back at the newcomer and starts screaming and crying at the top of her voice. Her startled mother immediately grabs her into her arms and tries calming her down. There is no doubt in this scenario that the baby decides to make a choice to choose her mother over the newcomer. This is the process where the baby is learning to make thoughtful decisions.

We are always making a choice. I remember watching the episode of Black Mirror – Bandersnatch. It is an interactive episode where we make the choices for the character, and we see his life unveil accordingly. The power of decision making comes inherently to all the organisms in our world. Our life is nothing but all the decisions that we chose to make.

Companies have multiple stakeholders, several systems, and several metrics. A critical decision can make or break the entire dynamics of the organization. According to a Gartner report 65% stakeholders agreed that the decisions that they take have become more complex. And around 53% agreed that there are higher expectations to be able to justify their decisions. So, how can stakeholders justify their decisions and make better decisions? This where your data comes to rescue.

To establish synergies between humans and machines and achieve synergies is what Data Analytics is all about. The world’s most successful organizations use Man’s decision-making abilities and the power of Data and Analytics to drive outcomes and insights and get competitive edge ahead in this ever evolving market.

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