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What are the steps to getting started with HR analytics?

Updated: Feb 9

Knowledge is beautiful.

Asking the right questions is the beginning of any Data Analytics journey.

Which members of your organization are interested in seeing the data?

Are there any KPI's that you monitor?

Are these KPI's mapped to any data?

Where is the data located?

Who is responsible for getting this data to you?

When you get answers to these questions.

1) Identify and gather the necessary information.

2) Correct the data and clean it up.

3) Develop a graphical representation of the data.

4) Analyze the results and validate them.

5) Once the validations are successful, present the Insights.

Lifecycle of a data analytics project

Some insights are more valuable than others. Thus, you should ask about things that are within the HR department's control. Analytical tools make HR (even more) interesting. Strategic decisions can be made based on these insights, while day-to-day business processes can be optimized.

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