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What does the Single Source of Truth really mean?

Updated: Feb 9

You will frequently encounter terms like Single Source of Truth (SSOT) or Single Version of Truth (SVOT) in several business-related marketing materials. There have been several misconceptions around this term. So, let us clarify them.

In an organization mostly the data will be across various systems, say your CRM’s, Databases or Excel sheets. If you want to get insights out of your data, optimize it and transform it, you will have to get all your data at one place.

Unifying all that data to one source is basically the Single Source Truth. So that you can query the data that is required according to your business requirements and get the relevant up to date insights out of it forms the need of the single source of truth. This makes the organization talk the same language and be on the same page.

Single Source of Truth

The debate arises because the term includes Truth. The truth can be multi-dimensional. Perspectives differ, if one executive sees the driven insights in one way the other can have an entirely different perspective. Which is the entire purpose of having different kinds of people in the organization. And it should be that way.

According to my opinion this single source, can show multiple truths and the underlying source is one. This helps organizations grow, innovate, and bring in real change. What single source brings in, is clarity and updated information. Manual efforts which are put to get updated data, data in silos and to analyze every part of it again and again decreases to a great extent. So, whatever the term says, getting real world business insights is what Single Source of Truth is all about.

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