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Sales Forecast - Improved, Automated, Efficient and Predictive

Updated: Feb 9

Sales Forecast - Improved, Automated, Efficient and Predictive

With Predictive Analytics you DO NOT have to do sales forecast anymore, ATCERP's BI Solution will do it for you.

Mckinsey's survey of more than 1,000 sales organizations around the world, found that 53 percent of those that are “high performing” rate themselves as effective users of analytics.

And why wouldn't that be. With Data Analytics, it can help you focus on the areas that need attention, areas that you are doing fairly well and the areas that you are best at. This will help you draw strategies in lead generation, people management, cross-selling, and pricing.


How do you find out whether or not the reps commit to close the deals will close or not? How do you differentiate yourselves from the rest?


By using Predictive Analytics with the help of AI and Machine Learning, in a unified view you can see leads from pipeline, customer interaction to closure so that you can quickly address risks before the deals go dingy. Your sales forecasts do not have to depend on mere words and gut instinct. ATCERP can help you predict the forecast in real-time. Instill great vigor, efficiency and insights from your past data, digital marketing tools, social networks to

increase win rates, reduce sales cycles and churn rates.

What is the best way that Augmented Analytics is utilized the best?

Data would have to be captured at every stage of the sales cycle so that the right insights would drive value. So next time don't forget to update your CRM with all the relevant data.

Also as Mckinsey has rightly pointed out that since integration of Analytics with CRM's and marketing tools comes at a later stage analytics delivers a one-time benefit only, or—worse—the insights never make it the last mile to the front line.

So yes, make data a priority as Abraham Lincoln has rightly said, The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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