What do we do?

Data Visualization and Data Storytelling

Visualize actionable Data and Insights

As human's we were naturally taught to tell stories with language but not with numbers.
With the assistance of technology, tools are becoming more accessible and more proficient at handling data, but gaps remain.
Anyone can put numbers in Excel and make a graph. For many, though,data visualization ends at that.
Your tools don’t know what that there is a story in your data.
That is where a data analyst comes to picture to bring that story visually to life.

We help is visualizing data with Microsoft Power BI And we are the best at it. See our reports here.

Every organization has data.

What makes a data strategy, is how you use it.

How are your processes defined?

How are you deriving value?

How is your data quality and integrity?
Is your data strategy giving you outcomes on the said business challenges?

And most importantly how can it drive revenue and improve your business?

Data Strategy

Consultation on Data and Analytics Objectives.

Data Integration

Combine data from various sources into rich meaningful dataset

Unifying all your data into one is data integration.

It is basically an ETL(Extraction, transform and Load) job.

It is an ever evolving process.

It helps with the synchronization of data from various source, applications and systems. And therefore transforming helps in transforming the data.

One of the best examples of data integration is a data warehouse where data from various is transformed into one.

Process Automation

With the Microsoft Power Platform we automate several manual tasks.
Automation lets your team focus on more important tasks by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Power Automate allows connection on legacy system as well new systems.

Report and Process Automation

Automate your reports and Dashboards