Staffing Analytics

Staffing companies are usually bogged down with huge number of staffing requirements, which doesn't just exist for themselves but also for heir competitors. It is necessity for any organization to get the right insights out of their data. This will allow individuals to take the right decisions, strategize and bring the right value and skillsets to the table.


Recruitment Analytics Dashboard

Recruitment Analytics.png

Overall understanding of the recruitment process pipeline.

It helps you answer questions like:

  • How many open positions did the Staffing Agency get according to the skillsets?

  • How many offers were accepted and how many were rejected?

  • What is the hire success rate?

  • How many applications were received through which source and how were they effective?

  • What was the average time to hire?

  • Which Resume source is the most effective?

  • What were the total number of open positions?

Recruiter Individual Performance

This dashboard gives you a deeper insights into the performance of the recruiter.

  • Which recruiter was able to fulfil the most number of positions?

  • How does the recruitment pipeline look like for every recruiter?

  • Which recruiter was able to fulfil the most number of positions in which field therefore giving you insights on the strengths of the recruiter?

  • Are the successes of resource fulfilment increasing month on month?

  • How many applications were sent to the customer over a period of time?

Recruiter Performance.png

Open Positions Analysis

Open Positions Analytics.png

  • Get deeper insights into number of open positions

  • AI enabled insights into the entire staffing process

  • Identify the resource pipeline stages and trends